The man who co-founded Apple Inc, changed the course of history with a series of science-fiction-like leaps and entered the world in a digital revolution died Wednesday at the age of 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. He started in his parents’ garage in the mid-1970s, and managed to create an empire, the technology company with the highest valuation on earth at the moment.
He teached us to use a mouse, to make a phone call, to touch a screen and to store a lifetime of music on a pocket-size device, which we all wear proudly every day. Imagine that ten years ago, MP3 players held 100 songs and now, thanks to the iPod and iTunes we have thousands, tens of thousands of songs at our fingertips from our local town to Argentina and Koreea.

steve jobs

He thought against piracy in music and somehow he convinced people to pay for a Black Eyed Peas hit or a Queen classic. The iTunes Store he created is the #1 destination for legal music downloading, holding between 70 and 80 percent of the market and has sold 10 billion songs by now. He actually brought the future into the music industry so it’s no surprise artists are mourning. admitted that Jobs changed the world and that we all “lost a great innovator…Steve Jobs designed a whole new world…he will be missed…” Blink 182 said that Jobs’s vision will not be forgotten and that he deserves all their gratitude for everything he has done “for the music business and the world”.

The list of celebrities that took their Twitter page or official website to express their thoughts goes on with heavy names as Coldplay – “Just learned the terrible news of Steve Jobs’ passing. What an incredible, inspiring life. Changed the world in so many ways. RiP Steve.”, Kylie Minogue – “From my Mac to all Lovers…..RIP Steve Jobs”, Snoop Dogg – “RIP Steve Jobs Rest in peace homie”. Nicki Minaj called Jobs “An innovator. Contributed so much to this generation & beyond. RIP Steve Jobs” and One Republic wrote “R.I.P STEVE JOBS. WE ARE SPEECHLESS AND BEYOND SADDENED. ONE OF THE GREATEST MINDS OF OUR TIME. DAMMIT.”

Moreover, The Decemberists’ member Colin Meloy remembered how his father brought home one day a squat, beige Mac in 1984 and how he played Dark Castle and wrote stories on it. “It changed everything,” he wrote. “Thanks, Mr. Jobs.”

Perhaps we should all thank him for the wonders he brought into our lives and hope that he is now in a better place, where he will create another revolution. Or, as Swizz Beatz said, Steve Jobs “CHANGED OUR WORLD IN MANY WAYS NOW HE IS GOING 2 ANOTHER WORLD OF GREATNESS I GUESS HE GRADUATED WITH HONORS!”

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