After a huge disappointment with her last single, Mariah Carey seems to be back in business for real. If her 2012’s “Triumphant” was more hip-hop leaning thanks to appearances from Meek Mill and Rick Ross and let pretty much all her fans and faithful critics down, her new single, “Almost Home“, marks the superstar’s return to form.

On Tuesday (February 19), the ‘American Idol’ judge officially released “Almost Home,” which she wrote and produced with the Norwegian duo Stargate, as well as Lindsey Ray, Simone Porter and Justin Gray. It’s the lead tune off the “Oz the Great and Powerful” movie soundtrack and most certainly, her nineteenth number 1 single. It’s a song that restores Mariah to her fans, that takes her back to the kind of songs that made her famous and introduces us to the magic land of Oz, where you can only need to close your eyes and let your imagination unwind the most beautiful and innocent fantasies. On that fairytale kingdom, where right and hope rule, “underneath the good there’s something greater than you know” and nothing could portray this world better than Carey’s amazing vocals.

However, if you’re expecting to hear magical strums of harps, you’ll be left brokenhearted, as this song was made for the mainstream. Besides, the Stargate is well known for making music geared toward modern radio airplay, so “Almost Home” makes no exception to their custom.

The song is pop by definition, an up-tempo piece spiced with bright synths and a bouncing beat worthy of a pop diva like Mariah Carey. Every musical note and every lyric plants their nightingale right in the mythical land from the famed movie that stars Mila Kunis, James Franco, Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz. As The Los Angeles Times wrote, the song “seems entirely built around Carey’s vocals, which arc upward until they crest in a key change that delivers the thrill we’ve grown to expect from her.”
But the beauty of this song lies in the fact that, even if on the adorning chorus, Carey pays a tribute to Dorothy, the famous character from the original movie without mentioning her name, she may actually pay homage to all the people in the world who are far away from home, who sometimes may feel alone and lost. “…you’re almost home/ Just open up your eyes and go/ When you’re almost there/ Almost home/ Know you’re not alone/ You’re almost home,” she sings from all her heart and this makes “Almost Home” a sublime uplifting anthem. The empowering lyrics – “When you let your heart be the compass/ You won’t get lost, not if you trust it/ When you hear the sound of the trumpet/ Louder than ever before” – weave smoothly with Carey’s signature vocals that soar over the entire song.
“Almost Home” is the first single off Carey’s upcoming album, which was put on hold due to her pregnancy, but which is expected to drop sometime this year. Plus, a video will drop on March 8, but until then, fans will have to tam their excitement with the tease posted on the internet.

Mariah Carey - Almost Home

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