Often known as “FFF” or “F3F” since its first edition five years ago, the Fun Fun Fun Festival is an annual music festival held in Austin, Texas’s Waterloo Park, that brings together many progressive and underground musicians with a focus on indie rock, punk rock/hardcore, hip hop and many famous DJs.

This year’s edition, its sixth, is to be held November 4th through 6th in Austin, Texas. Besides, this year, Fun Fun Fun Fest will move from Waterloo Park to the much larger Auditorium Shores, and expand from two to three full days, since its headliners are attracting larger audiences from one year to another. This week, the fest’s organizers officially announced that the fest include headliners Slayer, Danzig Legacy, Public Enemy, Major Lazer, Passion Pit, Odd Future, the Damned and Henry Rollins . The announcement seems to have been made on the festival’s “room” on popular new streaming music social network Turntable.fm.

This fest has many fans, fans that felt the intense emotions of waiting for their beloved idols to be selected. According to reported news, the Turntable.fm users gathered on a virtual dance floor two hours before the full line-up was announced. They have played songs from artists that they hoped would appear at the fest, including Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and, in ultimate wishful thinking, ABBA. Of course, some of them felt disappointed when they’ve heard the list, as not all of their wishes came true. The organizers confirmed with their own tracks that the fest would host Public Enemy, Girls, Thee Oh Sees, the Damned, Del the Funky Homosapien, Lykke Li, comedian Reggie Watts and more. Moreover, to find out the complete list of headliners, the visitors of the festival’s site had to decode with a key some cryptic videos. When they succeed, they found out about other acts including M83, Okkervil River and comedian Brian Posehn.

Danzig Legacy (the Misfits/Danzig/Samhain) are also on the line-up though the organizers had some doubts in choosing them. after all, no one forgot what happened in 2009 during Danzig’s headlining set, when a girl fulfilled her dead friend’s last wish by pouring her ashes on the stage.

Another disappointment came not from the organizers, but from the controversial hip-hop group Odd Future and punk legends X, who were announced last month to perform at the quirky, fan-friendly festival. However, X has since canceled and been replaced with the Damned.

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