They’ve been together for more than ten years, rose to fame with bludgeoning hits like “Stupify” and “Down With the Sickness”, they have released five studio albums, the last four of which – 2002’s Believe, ’05’s Ten Thousand Fists, ’08’s Indestructible and last year’s Asylum – each debuted at number 1 on the Billboard albums chart, and they sold more than 13 million albums. Now, to the disappointment of their fans who were waiting for new material, the band that formed in Chicago in the late 1990s has an uncertain future. According to frontman David Draiman, Chicago heavy hitters Disturbed are preparing for an “indefinite hiatus”.

disturbed rock band

In response to a fan’s question about rumors that the band was breaking up, Draiman took it to his Twitter account and announced the news. He admitted that he has no idea what Disturbed’s long-term plans are, but that the band is not splitting up. “We haven’t said that were breaking up. We simply do not know yet,” Draiman wrote. “All I can say is we are going on an indefinite hiatus.”
However, he didn’t gave an explanation for the band’s status, saying that he “can’t really get into the reasons” why Disturbed were planning on taking a break, and his excuse was “Let’s just say it’s time.” But, the frontman was also uncertain about his own future, simply hoping that even if he wasn’t singing with the band, he would “always be involved in music on some level.”

Moreover, Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan clarified Draiman’s remarks. In an interview with Dallas radio station KEGL this week, he said “Ever since the start of this band, we’ve always had a game plan of what comes next after each thing. So it’s always been ‘write, record, tour, let’s go home for a month, let’s start writing again, do the same thing all over again.’ … This time around, we just haven’t really gotten to those discussions yet. We know that we’re coming to the end of this touring cycle and we just haven’t planned on what we wanna do next.”

The news came as a shock, regarding the fact that Disturbed are currently touring North America with Godsmack and Megadeth on the 2011 Mayhem Festival, which wraps August 14 at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida and they also have a handful of South American dates scheduled for the end of the month. With such intense activity, Disturbed’s fans never would have thought that their idols are not on the wave. But their plans are not the same with the band’s, who intends to stop after all these live performances are done.

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