The 18-year-old Disney starlet and the “American Idol” alum are preparing a massive launch for the first month of fall. Lovato decided to release her upcoming album on September 20 and she even made the official announcement for it, while Clarkson is still unsure about the exact date for when her much awaited album hits the shelves.

Demi Lovato topped the iTunes with the newly released “Skyscraper” and this seems to have given her a boost as she confessed during a live chat with her fans this week that she has some surprises for them in prep. “I hope you’re screaming and jumping down in your room right now because I’m about to tell you when my album is releasing” she said from a Los Angeles recording studio, before revealing the September 20 release date. The singer also said that this new album will be different than everything she has done before, as she has given up to pop rock in order to focus more on a vibe that will showcase her vocals, as heard on her power ballad, “Skyscraper.” Then she smiled, adding, “I’m feeling really, really comfortable on what we have so far.”

It looks like the album will have “about 20-something” new songs that will also need a tour to be promoted. And since launching a new album in September is not enough buzz for the young and energetic singer, Lovato will embark on a tour. “If I was to tour, I would announce it soon and maybe, possibly, I’m in the works of putting together a tour. Maybe. And maybe it’ll be all around the world. I don’t know. I’m just saying.”

As for her industry mate, Kelly Clarkson, things are a little bit more tense. Her fans are desperately waiting for new material to come and Clarkson fed them only with promises that never came true, followed by other promises with no happy end. However, the singer, as well as her fans is hoping that the new album that has been repeatedly delayed until now, will finally see the light of day in September, along with a new single.

The forthcoming album was supposed to be released last year, but without any motivation, it missed its initial release date, and by February this year, Clarkson was no longer talking up that “Garbage-meets-pop-meets-Muse” influence but other influences, such as Prince, Tina Turner, Radiohead, Sheryl Crow and Aretha Franklin. Then, at the end of February, Clarkson announced that she still didn’t finish the album so she had to push back its release. Now she posted on Twitter that the album will be finished and titled by September.

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