Rock, punk, garage, blues gathered and mixed perfectly under three simple words: Cage The Elephant. The Bowling Green, Kentucky band Cage the Elephant released their first album in 2008 and since then they toured long and hard to earn their fame and get fans on both sides of the Atlantic. They always play live, they’ve become successful after launching a pair of rock-radio hits under the form of loud, spirited garage rock tunes, and now they are moving forward. They have big plans for this year and they’ve just released their second album, Thank You, Happy Birthday.

cage the elephant happy birthday album

The launch of the album was a big surprise for their fans and the press as well, because the members of the band themselves confessed that writing and recording sessions proved to be more than difficult. “We had written like 80 different song ideas, and I feel like we were really trying to write to a particular sound – like, what we thought Cage the Elephant should sound like – and we were pigeonholing ourselves,” frontman Matt Shultz said with a generous smile on his face.
He continued saying to MTV News that they “all started writing songs on our own, and they were really different from what we had written before, so we were like, ‘We should use these for a side project.’ And after a while, we realized most of the songs we liked were ‘side-project songs,’ [so] we made it our album.”

And Thank You, Happy Birthday is a mélange à la Cage The Elephant. It’s fresh, it’s funky, it’s pop, it’s dreamy, it’s an adventurous trip into the 20th and 21st centuries. Matt Shultz admitted that he found inspiration from his personal life: “At the time, I had just broken up with my girlfriend of five years, and I’d drive around until like 3 or 4 in the morning listening to Doolittle. It was my therapy, I guess. It’s not something I think you should try to hide, and especially don’t try to change your behavior. You don’t want to end up like some people, where their lives have been torn to shreds and they’re, like, smeared in the press.” And he carried those feelings into the songs he wrote for the album, dealing with themes such as heartbreak, loss and alienation in the 90s’ specific style. “I’d rather people know everything that’s terrible about me than hide all the terrible things and have them come out,” he added.

However, launching the album was just the first step they’ve made this year, a year announced to be very busy for them. They will open a few dates for the Black Keys, they will hit the road in February for their own headlining tour and they’ll play at Coachella in April.

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