Bonnaroo Music Festival is an extraordinary opportunity for music fans to gather and share their love for their icons. Every year, hippies, general music aficionados and arts-and-crafts enthusiasts sprawl on the fields of Manchester, Tenn., for witnessing solid live performances, admiring crazy outfits or buying instruments. However, the kickoff day of the annual Bonnaroo gathering was much more than this. Here are five things to remember from 2013 Bonnaroo day 1:

1. Nobody present at the fest can deny that Killer Mike was the major rapper to hit the stage that day. The veteran Atlanta MC performed right after midnight, hyping his upcoming Run The Jewels album and persuading the audience to rail against Ronald Reagan with a middle finger in the air. His Thursday’s performance was unforgettable, especially the debate he started about the NSA, his Outkast funky rendition of “The Whole World” and, of course, his implied drinking friendship with Jesus. Well, at least the true believers and the ministers won’t forget his ‘profound’ statement, which may be taken not as a joke, but as a serious offense to the Church.

2. Alt-J drew enormous crowds and performed live for about an hour in support of their album. Unfortunately, the British electro-folk act kept quiet when they were interviewed about their newest project, which apparently will sound similar to their “An Awesome Wave” debut.

3. Purity Ring’s live performance lighten the sky on Thursday’s night as dozens of fluorescent lanterns created a bizarre and unique atmosphere, while a selection of cuts from their 2012 debut “Shrines” heated up the crowd. The fans were simply ecstatic while “Belispeak”, “Fineshrine” and an interesting cover of Soulja Boy’s “Grammy” were spicing the spectacle.

4. Obviously, HAIM’s razor-sharp performance was one of the night’s most ingenious moments. People were just craning their necks to see what the fuss was about when bassist Este Haim gave a smooch on the cheek and hugged a little boy from the front row, whose tiny fingers were gripping onto a sign that read “KISS ME ESTE.” Then, she seized him in her arms and brought him on stage with her to help her out performing “Send Me Down”. I bet that the five-year-old boy will never forget this moment, or the hearty applause from the crowd when he stepped down from the stage.

5. Last but not least, here comes the one thing that fans will always remember from 2013 Bonnaroo day 1: the fact that Mumford & Sons canceled their Bonnaroo appearance. It was a huge disappointment for their fans, as well as for the organizers who suddenly found out they have a big gap in the fest’s Saturday night headlining slot. The crowd asked for Jack Johnson and Darius Rucker, but Johnson was already on the grounds for surprise press appearances and Rucker already has a gig in Balitmore on Saturday night and it was uncertain whether it could be postponed or not. Thus, people left the first day of the fest with a bitter-sweet taste, and those who managed to stay sober till the end, were too tired to care about what will happen on the next day of Bonnaroo fest.

Bonnaroo Music festival

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