2 Chainz is not on his best terms with the US law enforcements. The Atlanta MC has been arrested for drug possession, days after he was threatened with a gun and robbed of his wallet and cell phone in San Francisco, before his set at Oakland Summer Jam.

On Monday, a San Francisco Police Department official confirmed that the rapper was a victim in a robbery case, despite the fact that 2 Chainz took to Twitter to deny the robbery: “Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch, money etc. 2 answer that question,” he wrote on the social networking site, implying that nothing of this sort happened to him yet. Then, a day later, while he was at Los Angeles International Airport’s terminal 5, already onboard a departing flight, the police handcuffed him for possession of marijuana and promethazine, which mixed with codeine, creates a very popular cocktail, called sizzurp. It seems that the rapper was having small doses of these drugs in his baggage, which is against the law.

Nevertheless, when it comes to narcotics, 2 Chainz is used to having such confrontations with the police officers. Four months ago, he was arrested by the State Police in Maryland for possession of marijuana (yet he was found not guilty of the charges a few months later) and back in May, he was booked again for attempting to carry brass knuckles at LaGuardia Airport, in New York City.

2 Chainz

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